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Have a natural or dramatic look; the choice is yours! We offer a range of lash sets to ensure you receive the perfect one. Go natural with single lashes, or get some va-va-voom volume with Mega Volume. We love animals and would never use mink extensions – only synthetic.



Simple, beautiful, natural looking lashes. Perfect for clients with a lot of natural lashes that are looking to add length! Applied on a 1:1 ratio, which means one extension on one natural lash.


2 hours


Wispy, natural lashes with a little drama! Hybrid lashes are a 70/30 mixture of classic lashes and volume lashes. The half fan is perfect for the clients looking to add a little bit of volume.


2 hours

Russian Volume
The Russian Volume look is achieved with ultra-fine synthetic lashes that allow more extensions to be applied per each natural lash. All fans are handmade by your esthetician creating a high-volume look! These lashes are sure to grab their attention.


2 hours

Mega Volume

Talk about showstopper! Mega volume lashes are handmade with a fan of up to 16 lashes per natural lash creating a MEGA volume look.


2 hours


Eyelash extensions must be custom selected to suit you, with a full client consultation performed at the start of your treatment. A skilled technician will listen to your expectations and discuss the correct extensions for you.

Before arriving to each appointment, please make sure to be totally mascara free. This will allow all of the service time for lashes, instead of cleaning. The cleaner the lashes, the longer they will last as well! If there is mascara residue on your lashes, the extensions will not adhere and will shed prematurely – not what you want!



Questions? We have Answers!

What are eyelash extensions?

Lash extensions are an advanced technique that enhances the curliness, fullness and thickness of natural eyelashes. The extensions will be bonded to a single natural lash to create a beautiful look. There are many different types of eyelash extensions styles like Classic, Hybrid, Russian Volume, and Mega Volume.

Are your lashes mink or synthetic?

We use top-quality synthetic lashes. Our lashes are Vegan and cruelty-free.

Will eyelash extensions make my lashes fall out?

Eyelash extensions will not make your natural lashes fall out. Your natural eyelashes have a life cycle of growing and shedding. Our estheticians are 4x certified Lash Artists, they are trained to search for full grown eyelashes which they can connect with the synthetic ones.

Do I need to prepare before my eyelash extensions appointment?

Before your eyelash extension appointment ensure you remove any eye makeup. Avoid curling your lashes, using mascara or using lash serums the day before your appointment. Do not apply foundations, eye, shadows, eye creams, or lotions that contain oils or is oil based on your eye area 24 hours before your appointment.

How long does an eyelash extension appointment take?

An appointment is 2 hours in length, a fill is 75 minutes long.

How long will eyelash extensions last?

With proper care, eyelash extensions will last up to four weeks. To maintain a full look for an extended period of time it is recommended to get a fill done every 2-3 weeks.

Can I swim or shower while wearing eyelash extensions?

The bonding agent used is waterproof, so you do not need to worry about your lashes falling off while you swim or shower. We recommend waiting 48 hours for the adhesive to set prior to washing your eyes to prolong the lifecycle of the lashes.